Wesleyan GenCon 2012 Sunday Afternoon Rally – “Many Voices; One Mission”

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The afternoon rally of Wesleyan General Conference 2012 began at 2:30PM

The theme: Loving Christ . . . Embracing our World through Educational Ministries

Sponsored by the Department of Education and the Ministry

Message by Dr. Kevin Myers, pastor of 12Stone Church

photo courtesy of @GenCon2012

“Many Voices, One Mission” choir featuring members from each of our Wesleyan Schools (Indiana Wesleyan, Oklahoma Wesleyan, Kingswood, Southern Wesleyan) singing together at the direction of Dr. Todd Guy.

Honoring two Christian martyrs from our Wesleyan educational institutions.
Cheryl Beckett (2000 IWU grad)
Travis Eiler (2010 SWU grad)

photo courtesy of @GenCon2012

Message: Kevin Myers – pastor at 12Stone – the fastest growing church in North America
II Chronicles 14 – when God gives a mission – be RIGHT and RUTHLESS

1. We’ve got CHRIST FIRST right. (in our churches, in our universities)
Making Jesus Christ the main thing is our main thing.
2. We’ve got CHARACTER right. (Biblical holiness, character right)
Compassion w/o Truth is hollow – leads towards pluralism and is the base of our nation.
3. We’ve got CHANGE right. (membership changes, a seminary, technology)

1. CALLING – we need to become more ruthless in calling. Calling is a SUPERNATURAL thing and God still calls.
2. COMPETENCE – competency matters and we have a responsibility to raise competent, capable, confident, trained, strong, aggressive, entrepreneurial pastors – and we must be relentless
3. CHANGE – we are willing to change, but will we?

1. All of us: Ruthlessly pray for CALLING – we don’t need a bunch of Matthias’s that we roll the dice on, we need a bunch of Paul’s that God has laid His calling on!
2. Educational Institutions: Ruthlessly educate to lead the “church of the present” not the “church of the past”
3. Local Church: ruthlessly commit to next generation’s ministry internship (note the delayed development w/in this generation – and the model of the medical field)
4. The Denomination: Change how we form & fund next generation from college to ordination