Praying for Balloons

5.8.2012 — 1 Comment

Just this morning I came across a new ministry out of South Korea called “Seoul USA

The vision of Seoul USA:

The vision of Seoul USA is that the North Korean church become the catalyst for spiritual examination, repentance, and renewal in Asian and Western Christianity, with North Korean defectors serving among the leadership pillars of the church around the world.

Their pursuit to evangelize North Korea in a unique fashion is what caught my attention this morning. They do “balloon launches

Watch this video for information on this unique initiative:

I love this idea and I am now adding “balloons” to my personal prayer list as SeoulUSA continues to send these balloons and the Gospel across the border as a witness for Jesus Christ.

  • Matt Brady

    Wow, that is some mighty powerful stuff. I will definitely be adding them to my prayers too. May God continue to bless their efforts, even if they only get to catch a glimpse of the amazing impact they must be having!