Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do – The Solo

4.19.2012 — 10 Comments

Tonight our little Kindergartner had her first-ever (non-church-stage) public solo. (check out the photo online photo album)

She knocked it out of the park.

And I nearly threw up.

It’s amazing the amount of emotion that surged through my body the instant she stepped down off the top row and readied herself for the big moment.

Here’s the song as recorded from the front row (yep, I’ve become ‘that dad’ and I’m proud of it!) –

  • Lee Hinshaw

    Incredible!! Yes, I had a smile on my face the whole time!! That’s quite an adorable daughter you have there!! Please tell her I said “Great Job Ella!”

    • Stevan

      I read Ella the comments this morning, Lee! Thanks for your kind words!

  • Gramma/Mom/Sally

    Oh SO LOVE it, so proud of her for such a good job done!

    • Stevan

      Sorry you couldn’t be there in person this time, Mom, but so glad we could get it on video!

  • Aunt Pam

    Oh I so enjoyed watching Ella and her classmates perform. She did a FANTASTIC job. I LOVED watching her animation when she got back up on the bleachers and watching the little boy beside her ducking out of her way:) You have every right to be proud parents and grandparents, and aunts, to this precious little girl!!!

    • Stevan

      I love how many people are noticing so many of the little intricacies that I didn’t notice even after watching this a dozen-or-so times! Thanks for the comment, Aunt Pam!

  • Leah Shaffer

    You’re hilarious! You commentary is too much. I’m pretty sure it’s an accurate description of how I would be feeling, but still! She did do a great job, and looked so pretty!

    • Stevan

      I’m glad I can keep the audience laughing while my daughter keeps the audience ooohing and aaaahing! :)

  • Aunt Judy

    What a SHEETS!!!! I love this girl!!!! And yes, you ARE “That Dad!” I’m glad you are involved in your daughter’s education! Don’t ever stop!!!

    • Stevan

      I won’t stop! And if you EVER sense me even slowing down a bit, you have my permission to kick me! Love ya, Aunt Judy!