The Hosea Love Story

4.1.2012 — 5 Comments

I absolutely love what the Irving Bible Church created visually to go along with their Lenten sermon series as they unpacked the story of Hosea.

This series of videos invokes emotion in a way that emphasizes the undeserved love of our Heavenly Father. I think you’ll agree.

PART 1 – “The Covenant Love of God” (Hosea 1 – 2:1)

PART 2 – “The Tough Love of God” (Hosea 2:1-13)

PART 3 – “The Tender Love of God” (Hosea 2:14-23)

PART 4 – “The Redeeming Love of God” (Hosea 3)

PART 5 – “The Love of God: Our Response” (Hosea 6)

PART 6 – “The Relentless Love of God” (Hosea 14)

  • Gramma/Mom/Sally

    Love, forgiving love and God loves us even so much MORE than what we can even begin to imagine!

  • LeeAnn/Mom G./grandma

    God’s love for us is so AMAZING!!!… amazing beyond what we can even comprehend. HE never gives up on us.

  • Benjer McVeigh

    Very, very cool. Hosea has got to be God’s best love letter in the Bible. Love the videos!

  • Gordonboggs1

    Thank You so much. My life is seeming to fall apart right now as my wife too wants to leave me. I am trusting the Lord will keep a hedge about her. I trust she can see this video before she leaves or asap. Please keep us in prayer. Gordon and wife Maria

    • Stevan Sheets

      Prayed for you and Maria just now, Gordon! Keep on keeping on!