Science With The Sheets’ | Disappearing Ink

3.17.2012 — 8 Comments

Ella and I finally took time this afternoon to film another “Science with the Sheets'” episode!

Check it out here:

The “Frixion” pens we used are available on Amazon here. (you KNOW you want some)

Our other Science with the Sheets’ videos:

  • Aunt Judy

    I love this! Thank you, Ella, for demonstrating how the pens work! I am looking forward to using this in my classroom some day!

    • Stevan

      Ella’s teacher has already shown the earlier episodes in her class!!


        I just knew Ella’s teacher and the children would love all of your Science with the Sheets videos.

  • Lee Hinshaw

    I loved watching this video!! Thank you Stevan & Ella for showing me how the Frixion pens worked. I learned something new!

    • Stevan

      they’re amazing, Lee! Thanks for watching our video!

  • Adam hitchcock

    These are very cool videos..i must show them to Kyra..also need to do some of these experiences with Kyra…i had to laugh when u fast forward the video and u and Ella sound like mice squeeking at each


    I want some of those pens!!! Ella, you and your daddy did a wonderful job showing us these amazing new pens and how they work. I especially loved how the ink reappeared after being in the freezer and Ella, I really loved the pretty picture of yourself that you created. Do you think when grandpa and I come to see you that we could draw together and try these awesome pens too?

    Good job on another wonderful Science with the Sheets video.

    Mom G./Grandma

  • Aunt Pam

    Love, love, love this video! These videos will be cherished for years to come. Thanks Stevan for sharing your awesome, smart, and beautiful daughter, Ella, with us. Your parenting skills are to be admired and followed:)