The Fabulous Bentley Brothers (aka Rhett and Link)

2.13.2012 — 5 Comments

I’ve been a fan of YouTubers Rhett & Link for a long time. These are the guys behind a more than a couple genius, viral videos (Chuck Testa, Dope Zebra) Just today, however, I found out that they had some videos I had not yet seen. I knew the guys were Christians and was very glad to show off their YouTube videos often because of their family-friendly nature. What I didn’t know, was that they released a series of videos with the folks at under the guise of “The Fabulous Bentley Brothers”. The videos consist of an original song explaining some of the highlights of a specific book of the Bible. I was only able to find 8 of them, so far, on YouTube – I’m hoping to get my hands on as many as they have completed eventually!

If you have small children, I think you’re going to want to add these to your ‘favorites’ as soon as possible –


Leviticus –

Deuteronomy –

Judges –

2 Samuel –

2 Kings –

2 Chronicles –

Nehemiah –

Our two children being introduced to their first Bentley Brothers video just this afternoon:

  • kimberlee

    We just got What’s in the Bible Genesis and when I saw the guys singing I recognized Rhett from the Alka Seltzer Great American Road Trip. What a surprise to find them here. Never know where these guys are going to pop up. Can’t wait to hear all the songs from the series.

  • Jonathan Turton

    Praise God! A friend of mine introduced me to Rhett and Link and she is a Christian too so it is my pleasure to (re-)introduce her to The Fabulous Bentley Brothers!!

  • Susie Lulgjuraj McCreary

    They were only able to complete 8 videos for the series… their schedules got too busy at that point from what I hear…. the series is not the same without their songs for sure!

    • Greg Turner

      Thanks for the update!

  • Colin Rowley

    This just made my day. Our whole family watches them daily.