Gift I Didn’t Deserve

1.27.2012 — Leave a comment

Back on the 17th, I blogged a quick embedded video of Marc Scibilia’s song, “Ain’t My Home”. I also tweeted the link a few times to try and send my social media circles to my site to enjoy the great new music I had just found.

Yup, that's really him.

Scott Moore – one of my followers, a former college peer of mine and the Community Life Pastor at First Wesleyan in Tuscaloosa, AL soon messaged me on Twitter asking me what I thought of Scibilia. I told him I was probably his newest fan and that I was excited to hear more from this new-to-me talent. A few message-interactions later I find out that Marc used to sometimes lead worship for when Scott was on staff at Eastern Hills Wesleyan back in the day! How cool is that connection? Scott told me he had something he wanted to send my way a day-or-so later, so I sent him my address.

In today’s mail I received this:

The disc reads: "Stevan - Hope you dig! Best, Marc"

After carefully analyzing the handwriting and making sure it wasn’t Scott’s… actually I messaged Scott and he said it was legit – Marc personalized mine!

Pretty cool gift for doing nothing more than posting a video and Tweeting a link a few times! Now I’m able to enjoy Scibilia’s 6-song EP! Thanks Scott, thanks Marc!

For more on Scibilia and his music, visit –