My Favorite Videos (Week of Dec. 11, 2011)

12.11.2011 — 3 Comments

I now know why it takes FedEx so long to get packages mailed to us:

I’ve been on an Alpine Slide in Gatlinburg, TN, but it was no where NEAR as cool as this one in Austria:

follow-up video here.

Best. Frisbee. Catch. Ever.

“Jetman” Yves Rossy performs some aerial maneuvers with actual jets:

The coolest miniature world is in Hamburg. I want to visit:

Just in time for Christmas… “The Merry Hunt”:

My kids now sing “the guy on a buffalo” at random times throughout the day thanks to this video (and its fantastic 4-parts):

  • Aunt Bonnie

    I don’t know about you ‘boy’. Can’t figure out what it is that this ‘favorite video’ says about you. You are one odd duck sometimes. But, the very, very lovable kind!!!

    • Stevan

      curious which one you are questioning me on! :)

  • Lee Ann

    I had to laugh at your Aunt Bonnie’s comment to you!! Only Aunts can be that honest but not mother-in-laws! ha ha

    Jordann and Ben need to see the Fed-Ex video since he drives a Fed-Ex truck around.