The Turkey Hill Experience

11.29.2011 — Leave a comment

My parents stopped in at the Turkey Hill Experience a few months ago and called us after they checked ticket-prices and hours. They said it was a “must” for our family to join them for someday.

Today was that day. (a spur-of-the-moment decision for both of our families to make this happen)

We were super-impressed! There was PLENTY of hands-on exhibits to keep the kids interested and plenty of small-print reading and video-media to keep the adults intrigued! We each also had the opportunity to invent our own ice cream flavor, design the carton AND film a 30-second commercial for it!

When we got home we had an email containing links to all of our created media, including the commercial videos! Just the kind of stuff worth sharing on a blog!

Our commercials:






I also managed to snap a few dozen photos that are worth sharing, too:

View the entire photo album here.