2011 Christmas Tree Time Lapse

11.23.2011 — 5 Comments

This has become quite the running tradition in the Sheets-family! So thankful for this year’s High Definition version thanks to my DSLR and digital timer!

Previous year’s Christmas Tree Time Lapse videos:
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  • Aunt Judy

    You coulda had a final shot of the family standing in the glow of the tree, admiring your work! I look forward to this tradition every year!

    • http://www.stevansheets.com Stevan

      shoulda, coulda, woulda… i had a hundred of those thoughts immediately after we finished and put the kids to bed (they were MORE than ready for bed)

  • Lincoln

    Love the FIF track!

  • Cassandra

    Awesome tree! I’m so jealous that you can put videos together like this! You guys did a wonderful job :) Happy Thanksgiving Stevan. I am thankful for you and your family!

  • http://encouragement-is-contagious.blogspot.com Lee Ann

    I LOVE this tradition video that you do each year. Oh my, how Ella and Ezra are going to want to watch all of these videos over and over, especially when they are grow up. Love the Ezra diaper shots.

    Cannot wait to see you all four very soon!

    Love you,
    Mom G.