Illegal Immigration, the Church, and grace

10.24.2011 — 2 Comments

I enjoyed this short (9-minute) documentary about a family working through the issues of illegal immigration.

There are a few powerful quotes and perspectives featured in this short film. The danger each of us has is adapting an instant perspective on subjects such as illegal immigration based on politics, media, and water-cooler chat. As Christians we must ALWAYS view issues through Biblical lenses!

I think when we put faces and real-life stories on subjects like this we gain new perspective on the matter and perspective can mean all the difference in the world!

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  • Scott

    If every illegal immigrant in America had been deported over the last 500 years, most of us wouldn’t be here and calling ourselves Americans. There wouldn’t be a United States (instead maybe a United Native American Nations?). And the native tongue definitely wouldn’t be English, but possibly a vast array of Native American languages or a few major ones.

    I cannot verify with any certainty that every person in my ancestral lineage was a properly documented immigrant. So personally, I (and my extended family) would have been deported. We would mostly likely still be living somewhere in Switzerland and arguing about European politics in German. If just one of my ancestors might have been an illegal immigrant sent home, perhaps even I might not have been born.

    • Stevan

      Another “perspective testimony”, Scott.. Thanks.