Agnus Dei | Jotta A. (video)

8.26.2011 — 18 Comments

I’m having trouble finding out any real details on this video, mainly because everything I find is in Spanish. But from what I can interpret, Jotta A. is a 12-year old singing sensation who appeared on a “Raul Gil” show and sang Michael W. Smith’s song, Agnus Dei.

The video is making its rounds in Christian-circles and I think is a powerful illustration of a young man using God-given talent to bring glory to the Lord!

  • Ricky

    I heard this young for the first time yesterday…He has a voice, and I know it will be used for the glory of God..

  • Me

    This kid is amazing, never seen anything like from a kid like this. AWESOME!!!

  • Pastor Habemner Mejia

    Bendiciones Jotta.A desde los USA esramos siguiendote atraves delos videos que ponen cada cemana y te felizito por mantenerte firme en tus con vicciones de berdad que doy gloria a Dios por jovensitos como tu que esten lebantando el nobre de jesus muy en alto pienso que desde el cielo te estan aplaudiendo por lo que estas asiendo mantente asi que si te mantienes asi bas ayegar muy lejos por que Dios honra alis que le honran amen Dios te continue bendiciendo y estamos jorando por ty

  • Sharon

    Brazilians speak Portuguese, BTW, not Spanish.

    I would love to learn more about him too. Looks like his real name is Tony Viana. I don’t read Portuguese, so that’s about all I gleaned.

    I came away from his professional videos wishing he’d sung in his native tongue, esp. Amazing Grace, which he handled very well musically but his diction was, well, about as good as mine would have been in Portuguese. The English-speaking world has plenty of good Gospel music. I really hope he’ll record in Portuguese.

    • Sheila

      @Sharon – I found this video of him singing Portugese with English subtitles: It is amazing, and without the issues in Amazing Grace. Musically he is phenomenal, but the English trips him up a bit. That being said, to sing that well in a tongue not one’s native is quite a feat, and a testament to his skill and talent…

    • Claudia

      I pray that Jotta A will sing in English. It is not so much about the diction but the anointing! May God continue to use him.

      • ms burr

        Hi, I saw a CD for sale on But it is in Portuguese. I hope he come out with a double CD. One CD with his songs sung in his native tongue. And one with his songs sung in english. I think he will be a blessing nation wide. We need more Bless young singers like Jotta A. I pray he continues to Glorify God.

      • ms burr

        Me to. God has Blessed him with a beautiful voice. I think he does very well singing in English. It is not his native tongue. And he does not speak English as well. Much better than I would speak Portuguese…lol

  • Teresa

    I watched videos of him singing at his church in Portugese. I didn’t know a lot of what he was saying but I loved the sound of his voice and enjoyed it anyway. I would love to have a Christmas album by him in English. I agree that he should sing in Portugese. I do hope, however, that he continues to sing some in English. To me it is no accident that he can sing in several languages. He is able to reach a lot of people. What a blessing!

  • Tanya

    Talented young man! Wow


    Este garoto é brasileiro e é um fenômeno da música aqui no Brasil. É um verdadeiro talento dado por Deus.

  • Lemabu

    i had stayed awake to read for my exams in med school on this particular night i had asked God that i wanted to be closer to Him in worship… then i stumbled on this video of him doing Agnus Dei… I was in tears. please does anybody have his contacts?

  • Ellsworth

    I was blown away when I first heard this young man. I have since listened to him at least 50 times. I also saw a video of him preaching in his native language (Portuguese I presume), didn’t understand a single word he said, but sensed God’s power and annointing, nonetheless. I understood then why this young man’s performance was so powerful it moved me to tears, bringing me to my knees. This young man sings with the perfect knowledge of who our heavenly Father is, and what our Father in heaven did for all men through Jesus Christ, the holy and worthy Lamb of God. Jesus said in Matt 18, when we humble ourselves like little children, we too will experience greatness in the kingdom of heaven. Looks like this young man is experiencing a little greatness in God’s kingdom while still on this earth! God’s peace and blessings pursue and overtake you always beloved!

  • brenda

    i first saw him on Godtube. it was a video of him performing “still” by hillsong in portuguese. he took my breath away and ive been following him ever since. so far this is what ive learned. his name is Jose Antonio Viana but goes by Jotta A. and hes the youngest of 3 boys. from what i could understand in his testimony, while his mother was still pregnant doctors said he had an aneurism n he would not survive. she went home and prayed and asked God to let her son live and to use him for his own glory and that she would make sure that his life would be dedicated to serving Christ. when he was 3yrs he felt the holy spirit for the 1st time n delevoped his voice and hes been praising God thru song ever since.

  • asase

    Seriously I dont know what to say, I just want to thank God for leading me to this. Thank God for the life of Jotta A.

  • CRC

    This handsome young man is blessed and highly favoured by God. He has a such amazing voice. He has my heart. I wish i could speak his native tongue (Portuguese). Such a blessing to the souls he is.

  • CRC

    This handsome young man is blessed and highly favoured by God. He has such amazing voice. He has my heart. I wish i could speak his native tongue (Portuguese). Such a blessing to the souls he is.

  • JPaulG

    He is from Brazil and it is not Spanish.