Say Something Nice

8.22.2011 — Leave a comment

What would happen if you set up a podium and a bullhorn in the middle of New York City with a small placard that read: “Say Something Nice”? The folks at ImproveEverywhere did just that and filmed (and edited) the results for you and for me.

I love most of the stuff that ImprovEverywhere does and love the idea of changing-up the status-quo of what crowds of people expect to happen as in this example. It is good to see people react to the awkward and different in positive ways like this.

Apart from the two guys who moved the podium into place, there were zero actors in this ImprovEverywhere mission. The reactions of random passersby were varied, apparently. The most frequently-recurring statements were (unsurprisingly) “I love you,” “I love New York,” and “Have a great day”. What was surprising is that apparently only one smart-aleck took a moment to say “something nice”, following the directions to perfection!

Be sure to check out ImprovEverywhere’s full account of this ‘mission’ here.