The Gospel presented in Spoken Word

8.18.2011 — 4 Comments

Since the 80’s, the art-form known as “Spoken Word” has continued to gain in popularity. Some think of it as an offshoot of rap or hip-hop, and others as simply another form of poetry. Whatever the definition, I enjoy it.

I stumbled upon this video featuring a unique Gospel presentation by the artist, “Propaganda” that I think is worth sharing:

  • Eric

    “All of that is spraying cologne on a corpse.” // LOVE IT!

    • Stevan

      there are a couple other phrases like that that make me smile!

  • Benji Zimmerman

    We had Propaganda do this live for Easter services this year, so amazing. He is the real deal and super cool! Love that he gives this away for free and doesn’t charge people for the gospel. . . :)

    • Stevan

      that is so cool that you guys had him there for Easter, Benji – I imagine it was well-received!