On the subject of change

6.22.2011 — Leave a comment

I didn’t get to listen to the entire Techology Podcast LIVE this morning. I’m listening to it now here and I just heard something that I had to blog…

Here is the quote:

“Healthy things grow. Growing things change. Changes challenge us. Challenges force us to trust God. Trust leads to obedience. Obedience makes us healthy. Healthy things grow…” (author Tom Clegg)

I had to listen and read that a few times and I’m still allowing it to soak in. And I like it. Do you see the loop?

I also appreciated another statement that author Tom Clegg said in the same podcast, “It’s much more fun to make babies than it is to raise the dead.” while discussing why many young pastors seem to choose church planting over pastoring an established congregation. Good stuff.

Hearing Tom on the podcast today caused me to add his latest book, “Missing in America: Making an Eternal Difference in the World Next Door” to my wishlist.

More information on Tom Clegg at his website, tomclegg.com and missionaltransformationnetwork.com