The next level of indoor sky diving

6.16.2011 — 4 Comments

Indoor skydiving in a wind tunnel taken to the next level:

This tunnel is in the Czech Republic. It’s 45-feet tall and 14-feet wide. The fan produces winds in excess of 165 miles per hour.

This makes what I’ve done in Gatlinburg, TN look like a kiddie ride.

  • Jeremy McNabb

    I think what’s crazy is that we’re so inundated with CGI, this doesn’t look impressive. You have to actually think about what they’re doing before you realize how difficult it must really be.

    • Stevan

      good point. i have another level of understanding from doing the “tourist” version of this in Gatlinburg and barely being able to stay afloat for a few seconds. what I’m seeing in this video causes my jaw to drop instantly.

  • Kenny

    The guys here at work tell me there is one in Myrtle Beach… It looks awesome, I wanna try! Haha.

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