Car washes are terrifying to a 2-year-old

6.5.2011 — 6 Comments

After an exhausting afternoon and evening as a family I decided to stop by the car wash on the way home for the night.

Ezra didn’t like it. At all.

I did what any father would do in this situation: grabbed the video camera.

You will be happy to know that Ezra is fine and will be starting his car wash phobia therapy next week.

  • LeeAnn/MomG/Grandma

    Oh that was awful to watch!!!! I had my hands over my mouth and half way over my eyes the entire time. Poor Ezzie! So glad Ella chimed with her sweet encouragement about God watching over him. You are right! Sweet Ezra will now need phobia therapy. I doubt if I ever watch this video again!!!!! My heart just about broke in two.

  • Gramma/Mom/Sally

    This WAS just like Ezra’s Daddy when he was a little boy his first time! I promise, he was better the next time! Though the BIG difference is that I was able to hold Stevan, no child/seat laws then! POOR, DEAR, PRECIOUS Ezzie!! It didn’t help that he was tired and likely past his bedtime! That folks is Ezzie crying…he is definitely so precious and it makes you immediately reach out your arms to hold him!!! His ‘terrifying reaction’ is also definitely hard to see and I wonder how much it will have affected him! I have hope he is made of tough stuff! He really is, we have witnessed it! Ella, sweet sister, has the BEST solution! She used it on me recently when I pretended I was afraid! So equally precious!! LOVE both of those precious children!!!

  • http://tylerhoyt.copm Annette Hoyt

    awww so sad! That is so sweet and sad and kinda funny that he is so scared of it! But so sweet that Ella was encouraging him with scripture! You have good kids! Funny that Stevan recorded it though instead of comforting him! lol

  • Bonnie Sauder

    He actually is much more reserved than Ayla is. She screams and cries real tears. Poor little ones. Ayla also says, “hold you”, meaning please Mommy, hold me. I love, love, love what Ella said to him. What a beautiful little girls she is.

    We better send Ayla with car wash phobia to therapy with little Ez. Dear, precious little boy. I can’t believe how Ella seemed to be able to talk him through it. Ayla can’t hear words of encouragement.

  • Bev Marsh

    Poor little fellow, he knew that was not the “normal” stuff you see or hear out of the window…But I love that the rest of you remained calm and reassuring, (Ella’s encouragement was precious, and Jess’s soothing voice so comforting) he will learn that if it doesn’t phase Mom Dad or Ella, then it must be safe. You could almost see him “processing” the whole experience, and trying to show courage (and I kinda get why Stevan left the “nurturing” to the women) What a wonderful little cameo of the beautiful dynamic of your family.

  • Jess

    Bev, I learned with Ella to try and not show any reaction on my face so that her emotions wouldn’t escalate. But, I was so surprised by Ezra’s terrified response that it took everything in me to stay calm and show him he really would be ok. Inside I wanted to jump back there and hold him. Ella totally gets her current memory verse: Joshua 1:9 “Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Ella’s translation, of course, is “God is with me! God is with me!”