Spontaneous Picnic at King’s Gap

5.7.2011 — 2 Comments

Early this evening I texted Jess letting her know that I was wrapping things up in the office and that I had a spontaneous idea for our evening as a family.

The idea: wake the kids up from naps, grab a blanket, some drinks, and a bucket of chicken from KFC and head up to King’s Gap State Park for a family picnic. I’m so thankful to have married a woman who is willing to be as spontaneous as I am!

We arrived up at the park and ran into the mansion-garden where we spread our blanket, took off our shoes, had a time of prayer together and then dug into our supper!

Only a few bites into our chicken and the rain began to fall. (of course)

We quickly scooped up the kids and the chicken and ran for cover. We found another covered area to finish our meal. We love the mansion at the top of the mountain and have visited there a handful of times now. I’m hoping we have numerous spontaneous picnics this Summer!

On the way home we even spotted a fading-fast rainbow and pulled over to snap a picture. We pulled over beside an Amish farm to take the picture and as I was snapping away, the Amish farmer came out to see what the commotion was for. We exchanged quick chit-chat and I pointed out the rainbow. He then asked, “Do you know what that rainbow means?” I, of course, gave him the scientific reasoning of sunlight and droplets of moisture. Just kidding. I loved being able to declare God’s promise together with my Amish brother! He then asked for me to take his picture. (kidding again)

Some pictures from our evening (after the rain stopped):