Calm under pressure.

4.19.2011 — 5 Comments

The latest string of storms through North Carolina made news in most of the United States. I happened upon this video that is the epitome of “calm under pressure”:

A little digging gave me some more of the story:

Steven Hoag, who works for the North Carolina Department of Transportation, had left his home to repair a traffic light during the bad weather.
He saw the tornado while he was driving and pulled into a car park as the twister seemed to be moving away.
Mr Hoag called his sister on his mobile phone and began filming the tornado.

  • Tim

    “Yup, there went the roof off a house… Don’t worry about me I’m ok” #winning

    • Stevan

      “looks like roofing blew off of a building and got me.” this guy is my hero.

  • Greg Saldi

    Doesn’t it kind of sound like he isnt in his own vehicle?

    • Stevan

      He’s a state-worker. Was out to fix a traffic light when the tornado hit. The vehicle is apparently his work-truck..

  • Jason

    One word, “THAT DUDE IS CRAZY!”

    And yes, he is winning.