The Peter Heck Radio Show

4.11.2011 — Leave a comment

I love finding out what some of my peers are doing after I’ve lost contact with them due to distance and time since high school or college. One of my college peers, Peter Heck, has been up to quite a bit since graduation 10-years ago. Peter hosts a radio show called “The Peter Heck Radio Show“.

The Peter Heck Radio Show debuted in the summer of 2004 on 1350 AM, WIOU Kokomo which still serves as the program’s flagship station. The show, broadcast from central Indiana, is archived on the internet every weekday immediately following each show. The program’s weekly highlights podcast is followed around the United States. Peter has been heard on nearly 200 radio stations in the country courtesy of American Family Radio Network.

On top of his radio show, Peter is also a public high school teacher and a sought-after public speaker. He has some clips of his public speaking available through YouTube and I’ve been both entertained and inspired by a few of his clips:

One of his presentations, “God and Government” is one I’d love to have opportunity to attend:

Visit Peter’s website, Facebook, and even follow him on Twitter!