Saturday Science – Rainbow Milk!

4.9.2011 — 7 Comments

Ella and I had a blast this afternoon doing our own science experiment based on another Steve Spangler experiment!

The video that inspired ours is here.

  • Aunt Judy

    I love it! Great job, Ella!

    • Stevan

      Glad you enjoyed it, Aunt Judy! Thanks for commenting, too!

  • Steve Spangler

    Ella – I just watched your video and you did a fantastic job! The colors were bursting everywhere. Tell your Dad that he’s doing a great job of sharing his favorite science experiments with you. Then… I want you to tell him how much fun it would be to put a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave to test out the Soap SoufflĂ© experiment. Did I ever show you how much fun it is to mix Mentos and Diet Coke? Just wondering…

    Two thumbs up, Stevan. You’ve earned “Be Amazing Dad” status.

    • Stevan

      Mr. Spangler – thanks so much for watching and for commenting, too! I have enjoyed watching Ivory Soap in the microwave AND Mentos being dropped into Diet Coke on numerous occasions. But you DID remind me that I have yet to try those two ‘experiments’ with my daughter!

      Thanks for helping make science fun!

  • Jason

    Awesome! Great job Bro! Ella is WAY to cute! :-)

    • Stevan

      Thanks, Jason! She is hilarious!

  • Lee Ann/Mom G./ Grandma

    I agree with Steve Spangler! You deserve the “Be Amazing Dad Status. And wow Ella! You made beautiful rainbows! YAY!!!

    Love you all four!
    MOM G./ Grandma Lee Ann