Gospel for Teens | A 60 Minutes Special

4.8.2011 — Leave a comment

I recently watched the two-part 60 Minutes special, “Gospel for Teens”, and I think it is worth watching (and blogging about). What is taking place in Harlem is nothing short of extraordinary.

From CBSnews.com:

There’s a street in Harlem that comes alive every Saturday with the sound of gospel music. You won’t find any church there – just a brownstone full of teenagers and the woman who draws them in.
Her name is Vy Higginsen, a New York radio personality and theater producer. Five years ago she created something called “Gospel for Teens.”

Part 1:

Video not showing? Watch it here: http://bit.ly/h3U1EC

Part 2:

Video not showing? Watch it here: http://bit.ly/ieibs0

For more information about “Gospel for Teens” and Vy Higginsen, visit their website – mamafoundation.org