Oz Behind the Curtain

4.6.2011 — Leave a comment

My drive from home to the office isn’t very long, but for a few minutes most mornings, I’m able to listen to the morning radio show, “Mornings with Brant” on our local WordFM station. The show’s host, Brant Hansen is a great host and quite funny on most mornings. Like all radio shows, we only get to listen to the hosts and if you’re like me, you wonder what the person-behind-the-voice looks like, acts like in ‘real-life’, and whether we’d be able to point them out in a crowd of people if we met them in public.

Recently, I stumbled on Brant’s “I am Second” testimonial video and was pleasantly surprised at his humility and honesty.

Watching his video, I think, gives a true view of the “Oz behind the curtain”.