Thankful for God-fearing Family

3.23.2011 — 12 Comments

Yesterday I took Jess and our children to Allentown to visit with my Grandpa Miller (I’m not ashamed to tell you that I call him “Pap-Pap”) who is suffering through the late-stages of pancreatic cancer. Hospice is doing their part to make him comfortable as is his dear wife, Alma (Pap-Pap remarried after my grandmother died about 5-years ago).

As our visit in their home neared an end yesterday, the family circled up for closing prayer – as we often do. Before the prayer began, my God-fearing, Christ-trusting Pap-Pap managed to interrupt (in a great way) the closing-sequence of our visit by leading out in a song that is a testimony of the hope he has in Jesus Christ.

I’m thankful for generations on both sides of my family that continue to trust in the Lord and set Godly examples of living out their faith!

  • LeeAnn/Mom/Grandma Lee Ann

    Oh that was so awesome! God was so glorified by your Pap Pap’s faith and leading you all in that song together. What a wonderful memory this will always remain in you and everyone there. What a blessing it was for me to hear and watch. Heaven is a wonderful place and your Pap Pap reminds us all to rejoice over what is to come.

    Love you all four,
    Mom G./Grandma Lee Ann

    • Stevan

      Thanks for the comment, Mom G! It will be a wonderful memory!


    I was so blessed by this video. Thank You!!! Had a tear or two.

    • Stevan

      Marcella – thanks for watching and for taking time to comment, too! Blessings.

  • Aunt Judy


    • Stevan

      Thanks for watching, Aunt Judy!

  • Jess

    Ezra just saw me reading this post and now he is saying, “Pap pap! Pap pap!” :-)

  • lydia

    Thanks Stevan – crying – want to be up there so badly!!!! Love ya cuz :)

    • Stevan

      You’re welcome, Lydia – glad that we can use technology to our advantage in situations such as this! Love you too!

  • Dawn Steward

    My eyes are filled with tears as I see a man I always loved to talk to at Denton Camp. He always made me feel special and we would laugh together, though a big age difference. He will soon get his reward for his life of caring for others and living for His maker. Thank you for sharing this with us all who love Wilson and many Millers to follow.

    • Stevan

      Wow, Dawn. Thanks for sharing the great memory of Pap-Pap!

  • Lee Ann Garrett

    I like coming back here to watch this video over again. Such a testiment to how great heaven will be and to see your grandfather’s faith.