Speaking out against Universalism, but living like Universalists?

3.23.2011 — 8 Comments

I absolutely appreciate this video-statement from David Platt – author of “Radical” and pastor of Brook Hills. He makes some powerful statements regarding the issues surrounding the theology presented in Rob Bell’s “Love Wins”, while at the same time reminding Christians that we have work to do.

To quote David Platt,

“We have a mission that demands radical urgency… Intellectual Universalism is dangerous. Thinking that in the end everyone is going to be okay. But, Functional Universalism is worse. Living like in the end, everyone is going to be okay. So, let’s fight them both.”

Do YOU really believe what YOU’RE saying?

  • D2U

    Good response.

    • http://www.stevansheets.com Stevan

      i agree!

  • http://www.ericebbinghaus.com Ebbs

    My sincere hope and prayer is that Rob sets his pride aside and chooses the path he KNOWS is right.

    • http://www.stevansheets.com Stevan

      Good word, Ebbs.

  • Brent Schott

    This is right on bro!!!!! Love me some David Platt…..Thanks for the post

    • http://www.stevansheets.com Stevan

      Brent – thank YOU for chiming in and watching, too!

  • Judy Davis

    Wow! I agree! I also stand convicted. Am I doing my part for the Kingdom? Thanks, Stev.

    • http://www.stevansheets.com Stevan

      Right-on, Aunt Judy! Thank you for your brutal honesty!