Family Night – Feeding the Ducks

3.19.2011 — 1 Comment

I spent a majority of today in the office. It was a beautiful day, I wanted to spend time at home with my family, but like often happens, I was behind on some necessary church-work and had to spend the day in the office.

When I finally finished my to-do list, I ran home and offered Jess a spur-of-the-moment evening out of the house. She jumped at the opportunity. Within minutes the kids were dressed for the cooler evening and we were on the way to our “surprise”.

When we arrived at the duck pond here in Shippensburg, Ella exclaimed, “I love this place – I’ve been dreaming of coming here!” That phrase launched us into a terrific evening together just as a family.

More photos from tonight are here.

  • LeeAnn/Mom/Grandma Lee Ann

    Oh my goodness Stevan! You took some very beautiful photos. I loved seeing these. Thank you.