Weekend Wrap Up

3.14.2011 — 3 Comments

On Saturday, as I pulled into the church parking lot at 7:04AM, there was already an early-bird yard sale-er pulling in behind me! With that kind of early-response, it was no surprise that our church yard sale was a huge success! We probably had close to 200-people come through our basement-turned-garage to look through and purchase items donated by our church people, their friends, and family. We sold large and small items and I was surprised how many people also were ready to eat freshly-grilled hotdogs during those morning hours!

The fundraiser took in just less than $450 and we thank God for that! We are already beginning to brainstorm our next church fundraiser that we’re hoping to have in mid-July!

On Sunday, even with moving our clocks forward an hour we had our average Sunday morning attendance as I began a 2-week series entitled “Like Christ”. This week we discussed how Jesus lived ‘behind the scenes’ and how we as His followers need to apply his private-lifestyle into our own routine. I tied in the private-life of Jesus to the realization of Lent being an inward-focus and I closed the service with a video that helps us imagine what Jesus’ 40-day wilderness fast might have looked like:

My sermon can be found here if you’re interested in listening.

It was great having my mother-in-law and sister-in-law in for the weekend visiting our family from Indiana, too! While I was away for many hours, it was comforting knowing that Jess and the kids were enjoying their visit!

  • http://www.encouragement-is-contagious.blogspot.com LeeAnn/Mom Garrett


    Thank you for the sermon you gave on Sunday and for showing this awesome video. I was one that was touched by your message and by the video of Jesus taking time away from it all. A very moving message.

    I enjoyed time with you all so much. Only wish it could have been longer. But I’m enjoying remembering the “I neezed” and “cuse me” moments from Ezra and the “ahh hugs” he gave me and also the many “I Love You Grandma” from Ella and her special “big squeezing hugs”. Those will tide me over until Papaw Scott and I see you all again in a few months.

    Love you all four,
    MOM G.

  • http://ourshelteringtree.blogspot.com Pamela

    Your sweet mother-in-law sent me to your blog because one of my blogposts was on being like Jesus. I enjoyed this video. Then I jumped over to listen to your sermon. My husband and I enjoyed listening and hearing the clear truth you preached. I’ll be back to visit and know God will bless your ministry.

    I did, however, feel an urge to send you a tutu. :-)

    • http://www.stevansheets.com Stevan

      Pamela –
      Thanks so much for taking time to visit and to comment! I’m blessed to know that you and your husband listened to the sermon, too. The tutu comment made my evening, by the way!