Joel Osteen on Piers Morgan Tonight (literally)

1.26.2011 — 2 Comments

Tonight Pastor Joel Osteen will be on the new Piers Morgan Tonight interview show on CNN. CNN has released a part of the interview to get us to set our schedules/dvrs to make sure we tune in:

This is nothing new on the subject, I don’t think – people continue to want to argue with other people, not what the Word of God says. Piers calls Joel a sort of a “judge” because he stands behind the Scripture and Piers can’t accept that.

What is your opinion on this interview-clip? Let me know in the comments.

The show airs tonight on CNN at 9PM EST.

  • Lee Ann/ Mom G.

    I thought Joel explained it well and the best he could considering that Piers Morgan couldn’t accept or understand his ultimate answer being “it’s what scripture says.” I liked how Joel and his wife got across that they love the person and let God and the scripture speak the truth. Hopefully our caring and real love for people will get them to trust us and then hopefully they will desire to look further into why we love the Lord and the truth of the scriptures and want what God has given us.

  • Joseph Gormong

    Joel did better in this interview than he did on his interview with Larry King some time ago. He does too much dancing around the issue. His messages are full of fluff and feel good.