Interview with a former student – Gene Lyfe Garver

1.21.2011 — 2 Comments

Tonight I had the privilege of video-chatting with (and interviewing) a former student from my first youth pastorate in Warsaw, Indiana. Gene is currently a second-semester Freshman at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Gene is currently writing and producing tracks with his college roommate and together they call themselves “LYFE Ministry”. Check out their Facebook page and their website.

Thank you Gene for taking time to chat with ‘ol PStev tonight. I’m proud of you, brother!

The famous “Recycled” video that I made with Gene while I was still the youth pastor in Warsaw:

  • Gene Lyfe Garver

    Dude good times! So young in that recycled video! ha memories! Thanks for the interview again, cant wait to see those 3 viewer responses! :) much love man!

  • Aaron Christenberry

    Great interview! I might call up Good Morning America and have it broadcasted! On a serious note, Stevan and Gene keep doing what God has called you guys to do and your lyves will be blessed!