My Top 10 Posts of 2010

12.31.2010 — Leave a comment

The top 10 most-viewed posts on for 2010 were as follows:

#10. Day Off in the ER – this was not one of my favorite days of the year, but the post highlighted the day our daughter, Ella, was in the ER with some issues – and I’m happy to report that she’s healthy as ever and loving life!

#9. Our New Home – this post was one of our updates on our situation after knowing that we were moving to Shippensburg from New Stanton and nailing down the fact that we finally knew WHERE we were moving to in Shippensburg!

#8. The Anatomy of our Family Christmas Photo – I hope this one caused some laughs.

#7. Dad Life Video – I was simply providing a link to the hilarious resource “Dad Life” – a video created and distributed by the Church on the Move.

#6. Handbrake to the rescue again! – one of my techy-posts this past year. I highlighted using the program “Handbrake” to convert video files for upload to our church’s Cloversites website.

#5. Next Steps for the Sheets’ – this was the post immediately following our resignation at Armbrust Wesleyan.

#4. Shippensburg Sheets – this post was the update-post about us knowing where it is the Lord was leading us through our ministry-transition!

#3. Life’s For Sharing | Life IS For Sharing – thanks to my cousin Kenny for popularizing this post (and the video) on my blog.

#2. Ella Loves The Stage – Ella’s preschool Spring concert caused quite the traffic-increase on my blog this year! If you haven’t seen the video, you won’t understand.

#1. Minute To Win It – this post featured a few embedded videos of our youth group at Armbrust performing some of the Minute To Win It games, plus some of the resources I created for implementing the game into youth ministry. Since posting, I have shared the “blueprint” video files with dozens of people across the country!