The Christmas Story (told by children)

12.23.2010 — 2 Comments

Love this beautiful work by St. Paul’s Church in New Zealand:

  • Lee Ann/ Mom G.

    Ah that was adorable. I love the way children get to the point of it all when telling the events from their point of view. That had to make Jesus smile down while watching them perform his story.

    This reminds me of how we had the children dress up at Grandma Garrett’s and you read the Christmas story Stevan. Do you remember that? Jessica can tell you stories of when she used to fight to get to be Mary instead of one of the Wise Men when she was young at our Christmas celebrations!

  • Lee Ann/ Mom G.

    Hey, maybe we can have the children dress up and play out the Christmas story when we are all at Melanie’s for our Christmas celebration together. Oh that sounds like a great plan!