Sunday Review | 2010.11.21

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We had a great morning at Shippensburg First Wesleyan. I delivered a message entitled, “Christian Wish List” and focused on 5 gifts we should be asking God to bless us with – not just around the Christmas Season, but at all times.

The text was from Paul’s letter to the church at Colosae: Colossians 1:3-14.

In my Sunday School class this morning, our DVD study discussed Jehovah’s Witnesses and we had some interesting dialog surrounding their beliefs and previous interactions some of us have had with them. I created a booklet-style handout for everyone in the class from some of the materials I had. I’m including that here in PDF format for anyone who may be interested.

After church we enjoyed a restful afternoon and then began decorating for Christmas early this evening here at home. We got our pre-lit tree in the beginning-stages of “together” before we realized it was a lost cause and had to put our 6-year-old tree out for the trash. A quick-run to Wal-Mart with Ella netted us a brand-new and better-looking tree that will hopefully last us at LEAST another 6-years if we take good care of it.

Our yearly tradition of recording our decorating process and family prayer via timelapse video was carried on again this year and it will be available here soon!