Sunday Review – 2010.11.14

11.14.2010 — 1 Comment

Today was our 18th Sunday at Shippensburg First Wesleyan! I don’t know why the number 18 is significant, but I was excited to celebrate 18 today!

I preached a sermon entitled “Life Rhythm” this morning based on God’s design for us to live in rhythm and command for us to take Sabbath.

I am learning again and again how quickly I can over work and overwhelm myself with busy-work, but that in order to be a healthy Christian, husband, father and pastor, I need to remember to take time for recovery just as Jesus practiced and taught!

The last thing my family or this church needs is a burned-out Stevan! The lesson is for all of us and we as Christians need to live lives of rhythm: not always on or always off!

I’m heading into a very busy week and will need to deliberately make time for rhythm this week. On Wednesday I’m leading the Bible Study at my dad’s church, Jess and I have pastoral-training on Thursday all day and on Friday I’m speaking at a youth rally in Hyde, PA. I’m looking forward to the heavy schedule and travel-miles, but need to make time to accomplish a list of other things AND stay refreshed and renewed for the sake of myself, family and church!