David Crowder Band’s SMS [Shine] Music Video

11.3.2010 — Leave a comment

The David Crowder Band has long-since been a favorite of mine – not ONLY for their musical talent and Christ-centered pursuit of worship, but also their creative-side and willingness to embrace social media as a way of keeping their fans updated and intrigued into who they are and what they are producing!

Recently the DCB released a brand-new music video for their track, “[SMS] Shine”. It is an incredible creation and includes an iconic toy from my childhood – the Lite-Brite! Check out the amazingly creative video:

Incredible, isn’t it?

Also, recently, the DCB released a series of videos documenting the behind-the-scenes creation-of this work-of-art. They are equally as entertaining and enjoyable:

If you haven’t picked up the David Crowder Band’s latest album, it’s available here at Amazon.com!