My blog (design & layout) was reviewed by @tentblogger

10.26.2010 — 6 Comments

John Saddington is one of my online heroes. He just recently launched a new blog, “” where he is continually giving advice to those of us who are continuing on the tradition of blogging.

He gave me some good insight into some issues with my blog:

What do YOU think?

  • Rick Nier

    He said your bio was boring. You, my friend, are not boring.

  • Stevan

    Thanks Rick! You’re not boring either!

  • Lee Ann/ Mom G.

    It’s awesome that this guy takes the time to do this for others. But I also think you need to make your blog to be YOU. I know not everyone likes my blog background ( maybe too busy or bright to some) etc.., and I thought about changing it, but I decided that I like it the way it is for now and it says Lee Ann. (probably because I’m so busy and bright! ha) I like how you have added the tabs for family, ministry etc.. I want to do that too but haven’t figured how to do it yet.

  • JB3

    Wow, cool thing to have your site looked at by someone and edited by them. I like the points on competing menu bars, on the General always being a category. But your blog is yours man and i think you do a killer job at putting info out there.

  • John Saddington

    i think rick missed the point.

  • John Saddington

    definitely agree with lee ann. i think the changes i’ve suggested don’t change anything about you, simply your blog.

    looks like you got some fans though (jb3).!