Sunday Review | 2010.10.10

10.10.2010 — 5 Comments

What an awesome morning at First Wesleyan, Shippensburg! I preached a message entitled, “3 (more) Qualities of the Real Church” (sermon audio is here if you’re interested). The final quality this morning was that the REAL church has a “consuming focus”. I reminded our church that NASCAR fans have a consuming focus that we could learn from as Christ-followers!

I also laid out the vision I believe God has for us at First Wesleyan – to be about Loving God and Loving People – it’s been a theme that God has given me again and again over the past 8-years and I believe Jesus saying that loving God and loving our neighbors are the first and second ‘greatest’ commandments is reason-enough for us to adopt it as our church mission.

I closed the message with an opportunity for people to make a commitment to the Lord and we had one person do just that! I also challenged anyone else wanting to recommit their life to the Lord and we had at least 3 respond to do that! My final challenge was asking those who call First Wesleyan Church their church to take a stand and commit to have a consuming focus to Love God and Love People and nearly everyone in the sanctuary that could stand DID stand. It was another humbling, God-moment for us!

I’m so excited about our church and our consuming focus and that our people are excited about where we’re going. We have had a few new families in attendance every couple of weeks and I trust the Lord will continue to bless us as we are consumed with loving Him and people!

Please continue to pray for First Wesleyan of Shippensburg as we trust the Lord and discern His will for us. Please pray for me, too, as their shepherd that God would continue to challenge me and inspire me in new ways to lead this church to be salt and light in our community!

  • Kory

    Encouraging to read this Stev! Looking forward to hearing more about it in person! Continuing to pray for you and the church.

  • Stevan

    Thanks, KP! I’m glad to know you’re keeping up with the blog posts! Looking forward to crashing at your place for a few nights next week! Love you man!

  • Heath

    Excited to listen to the podcasts. That’s a next step for us as soon as the church website is finished. Praise the Lord for changed lives and clear vision.

  • Stevan

    Heath – I’m excited to get the podcast up and live, too! It’s practically an automatic with the CMS software (Joomla) that we’re using to run our site. The component is called PreachIt and ‘builds’ the podcast for me!

  • Jess

    Loving God, Loving People–it’s a concept even Ella, four years, can wrap her mind around if she grows up seeing it happen. Excited to continue the LGLP movement in our new community.