Saving Money? Not sure. Living Better? Definitely.

10.9.2010 — 2 Comments

Customer service is “one of those things”… when you experience bad customer service you tend to tell your friends and family to NOT shop at that establishment. However, when we have great customer service, we tend to say a quick “thanks” and go about our business. (there’s a Spiritual lesson about praying here, but thats not what this is about…)

This afternoon I went to our Shippensburg Supercenter to get an oil change. It was a last minute idea and I was okay with the probable hour-long wait that I was informed about by the very-kind check-in lady, “Jessica”.

I found my way over to the electronics department (of course) and while I browsed the still-too-expensive Blu-Ray players, I remembered that I wanted to find the film “Billy: the early years” (a film about Billy Graham) on DVD. I knew that Walmart had this movie at one time, but with the constant stream of new movies week after week, it could be hit or miss whether they would still have this movie available.

I was surprised when “Jesus” overheard my title-query and offered to show me that it WAS available up at the front of the store! I walked excitedly to the bin where he had directed me but was disappointed when I could not locate the movie.

I debated for a moment on whether to just drop the idea or inquire further and looking over to the car-bay, noticed that my truck wasn’t yet being serviced, I asked “Jesus” if there might be another location. At that moment he and at least two other representatives sprung into action like I’d never have expected! They were searching on the computer, their personal cell phones, and “Jesus” even called two other stores within driving distance to ask them! I stood amazed at their attempts to find this movie for me and felt a little crooked for even calling our local KMart to ask if THEY might have the film.

When we finally located a UPC number from the DVD via a mobile search, they did one more in-house search and I was informed that someone would be bringing it right out to me!

“Yah, right!”, I thought awaiting some clerk to bring me a movie about Billy The Kid or something similar, but within a minute, another associate was handing me a legitimate copy of the film on DVD!  I was impressed.

During this whole ordeal I was able to talk briefly with “Jesus” and found out that he has quite a Testimony of coming to God and after exchanging contact information, I’m hoping to hear more about it! I also enjoyed swapping Android apps with another associate after we recognized each other using phones with the same OS.

My truck’s oil was being changed when the technicians noticed I had a flat tire, too. Because my tires are re-caps they couldn’t patch it for me, but they talked me through it and allowed me to plug the hole in their parking lot and even filled it back up with air for me before sending me off.

Thanks Shippensburg Walmart for definitely helping me to to “live better”! Kudos to your helpful associates, too!

I was impressed with customer service at Walmart tonight. When is the last time YOU had outstanding service like that?

  • Heath

    The first time my Blackberry Storm died I called Verizon to see what was up. I had gotten a bad app that had locked the phone up. The rep said they would replace it and could ship it to me. I informed him we were about the head on a trip 4 hours away to SC. He said that was no problem and he could ship to where I would be. I told him it was an open week and we wouldn’t be at my parents too long the next day before taking off again. He then said with the utmost confidence, “I can have it there by 10:30 am.” Bottom line is thanks to this guy I was only without a phone for 16 hours or so and paid $0. Kudos to the Verizon guy!

    • Stevan

      That’s what I’m talking about Heath! Thanks for posting! (what’s a Blackberry? Lol)