Sunday Review | 2010.09.12

9.12.2010 — 1 Comment

This morning I wrapped up our five-week series, Holy & Human with a message on the subject of doubt.

It’s comforting to note that we have an ally in the doubt category in the disciple Thomas, but it’s interesting to note Jesus’ words to him proclaiming a blessing on those who “believe but have not seen.”

When doubt does creep into our lives, we can combat its destructive nature!

If my mental calendar is correct, today marked our 8th Sunday at First Wesleyan! Two months! I thank the Lord for our church and continue to rely upon Him every day as I shepherd this body.

  • Mom/Sally

    Without a doubt I believe you will grow in your walk as you fill more Sunday’s in the pulpit proclaiming His wondrous Word! Your dad and I are thankful for you and proud of you!

    Much love,