Sunday Review | 2010.08.29

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I preached the third message in our current series, “Holy & Human” this week. This week’s message was entitled, “Conquering Fear” and reminded us that although there are many books on the subject of ridding our lives of all fear, that is not a part of God’s plan. We have been designed with fear – and some fear keeps us safe. It’s when fear overtakes us and becomes an idol in our life that we find trouble.

This week we had my cousin, Brock and his family visiting us from the Washington, DC area. Jess and I enjoyed singing FFH’s “One of These Days” with Brock for special music. After my sermon this week we also had Rev. Randy Swink, our District Superintendent, visiting and he performed our official pastoral installation ceremony.

It was a great and exhausting Sunday. The night before, Brock and I joined a couple of guys from the church and we drove to Harrisburg to serve the homeless with the Bethesda Mobile Mission.