Sunday Review | 2010.08.22

8.22.2010 — 1 Comment

This morning I preached the second message in the series, “Holy & Human” entitled, “Overwhelmed but Unmoved” which reminded us to respond to overwhelming situations by acknowledging our limitations, accomplishing something, and thinking about “such things” (remembering our focus).

Of course on the Sunday I preach about how we should respond to being overwhelmed I was quite overwhelmed. From technology issues to music issues, it was a challenge to work through the issues of the day and focus solely on worship and the Word but the Lord prevailed and I felt like it was a good morning.

Sadly my attempt at recording the sermon failed again this week, posing as another area of frustration that I need to get sorted out before next week!

  • Heath

    Praying for you man. Let’s set up a phone convo this week.