The Pillow Pet Fiasco

8.21.2010 — 1 Comment

The Sheets family (namely, Ella) recently acquired a Pillow Pet (style: Lady Bug). This was a significant purchase in our household and most of the ordeal was captured by various video-recording devices for archive-sake.


AUGUST 15, 8:13PM | “Frustrated”

AUGUST 15, 8:17PM | “Pillow Pets Jingle”

AUGUST 15, 8:36PM | “Commercial Quoting”

AUGUST 15, 8:42PM | “Counting her pennies”

AUGUST 21, 9AM | “Pillow Pet Arrives & Is Unboxed”

  • LeeAnn/Mom/Grandma Garrett

    Grandma Joyce and I just sat down at our computer and watched all of these videos plus I showed her the picture of Ezra in his Thomas the Train shirt along with a few other pics.
    We both LOVED watching and seeing the videos and pictures. Oh my goodness, Ella was so excited over getting her pillow pet. Thanks Stevan for videoing this great event! Grandma Joyce sure had a large smile on her face after getting to see all of this.

    Love you,
    MOM G.