Sunday Review: 2010.08.08

8.9.2010 — Leave a comment

This morning we had very special guests, Drs. Thomas & Karen Asher – Global Partners missionaries to Sierra Leone. They shared in both my morning Sunday School class and in our main service.

As I sat and listened to the Ashers share their story of being called to the mission field, I was caught off-guard of the similarities of the Asher’s faith-walk and the Sheets’ faith-walk. The Lord used the Asher’s story to confirm His call upon my life during our morning together!

The Asher’s Global Partners website is here.

After church, Ella and I drove North about 2-hours to New Columbia, PA to enjoy the final night of the Central PA Wesleyan Campground and Conference Center camp meeting where Pastor Steve Wilson was the evangelist. It was a great experience and one I hope to have more than just once again next year. The campground website is here.