Making a house a home…

7.16.2010 — 1 Comment

I am updating my blog from the comfort of my bed and some borrowed WiFi from someone in the neighborhood (thanks, by the way) on our third night in Shippensburg, PA.

The last few weeks and especially days have been extremely busy, exciting, emotional, and even overwhelming. We thank the Lord for a safe and timely move from New Stanton to Shippensburg and plenty of help on both ends to make the move possible.

My mother-in-law left on Wednesday morning just after my parents arrived and we all enjoyed breakfast together. Her help over the days before our move and her one day with us here was incredible. We wouldn’t have wanted to do this move without her help!

When we arrived in the neighborhood late Tuesday afternoon you can imagine our surprise to find out that our new address was 317 Shepherd lane instead of 316 as we were previously told by our rental community manager. We are still working through the issues associated forwarding our mail to the WRONG address and then re-forwarding it to the right address. We pray we haven’t lost anything too important!

When I took my Ford Ranger pickup truck off of the trailer we found that I had two broken brake lines! What a mess. Nearly 5-hours of make-your-hands-change-colors labor and I have brakes again! Thanks to Allen Gamblin and his 40+ years of auto mechanic expertise the job was done in-house and saved me a lot of money! I’m thankful to have a guy like Allen in our church!

Sunday is just around the corner and I’m thankful that I don’t have to preach this weekend. I’m thankful that Rev. Swope will be filling in for me as we enjoy the worship experience from the pew this Sunday.

Next week will be overwhelmingly busy, I’m sure. Keep praying for the Sheets family as we continue to adjust to our new surroundings, life and ministry here in Shippensburg!

  • LeeAnn/Mom/Grandma Garrett

    I am so thankful that you and Jess let me come to help you move and that you didn’t get tired of your mom-in-law being around for almost 2 weeks! Dad G. and I were glad that it worked out on our end for me to come and it gives our hearts much comfort knowing you have a sweet church family there to help take good care of you all.

    I do already miss those hugs from Ella and Ezzie! We must use skype more often once you have it up and running again.

    Love you all four!