Our family’s obsession with Pomplamoose

6.7.2010 — Leave a comment

Ever since I discovered Pomplamoose on YouTube a few months ago, our family has had a sort of fascination with them. We describe them to friends and family as our “internet music obsession”. I even downloaded a collection of their YouTube videos and made a DVD that finds its way onto the TV and surround sound quite often these days. The draw? Conservative, unique talent.

Pomplamoose is made up of Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte – California-based boyfriend-girlfriend. They have joined musical-forces and produce what they call, “VideoSongs” – a uniquely produced video of their original works as well as their cover-songs that must be seen/heard in order to be understood.

Case in point: “Telephone” (yes, a cover of a Lady Gaga song)>>

Catchy, isn’t it?
Another one of my favorites, “Beat it” by Michael Jackson –

See all of Pomplamoose’s videos on their YouTube channel.
In our interest in Pomplamoose we’ve uncovered a bit of background on Conte & Dawn, too – here’s a short biography on them done by G4TV’s Attack of the Show:

Pomplamoose downloadable MP3’s are available via Amazon and iTunes.
Follow Pomplamoose on Twitter, too.