Handbrake to the rescue again!

5.12.2010 — Leave a comment

Today I was rescued by a little program called Handbrake. It’s designed to help rip video off of DVDs and make that video playable on the computer and/or other media devices (iPods, PDAs, PSPs, etc.) It also works great for converting other file-types into usable file types.

My situation today came up while using our church’s new Canon Vixia HF200 Camcorder. This camcorder is great – shoots a beautiful HD picture and features a built-in mic-jack for us to run audio from our sound booth directly into the camera. The problem today, however, was in finding out that the file format was not a standard web-format that I could upload to our church’s website without converting.

The file format that the Vixia saves in is .mts – an AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) that our website software does not recognize.

Thankfully, after a little digging, Handbrake came to my rescue. Below is a screen-captured tutorial on how I used Handbrake to convert my file for use on our Cloversites.com website. I’m putting it here on stevansheets.com to possibly help others who may come across the same situation and need a little help.