Ella LOVES the stage.

4.27.2010 — 12 Comments

This morning was Ella’s preschool Spring concert. She has been looking forward to this opportunity to be on-stage for who-knows-how-long! Now we know why:

UPDATE: Tonight’s performance wasn’t nearly as animated, but cute nonetheless:

  • http://www.jessicasheets.com Jess

    She’s gonna die of mortification when she’s ten!:-)

  • Candace

    America’s Funniest Home Videos anyone?

  • http://encouragement-is-contagious.blogspot.com/ LeeAnn/Mom/Grandma Garrett

    Oh my goodness, this video was so cute and very entertaining! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Ella loves the stage just like her mommy did when she was her age and had no fear, except Jessica never added the splits to her performances!! Thanks for sharing this great video with us.

    Grandma Lee Ann

  • Cindy

    All I can say is “Oh my goodness!” just like Ella on her birthday. How adorable!

  • http://www.pkandj.blogspot.com Aunt Judy

    Can I just say….leggings!!!

  • rose thompson

    oh my goodness, she is so adorable! u should send this to ellen so she could put it on her show.i also would like to share it with friends,if thats ok.

  • Lois C.

    This is a perfect example of why our granddaughter, Natalie, wears shorts under all her dresses! hee, hee.

  • Grandma

    WHAT a HAM!!!!! This is just priceless………and I hope to be present when Ella views this in a few years!

    Great G’ma Sheets

  • Academic Affairs Office

    WE LOVE ELLA!!! She has made our week!! :)

  • http://sallysheets@juno.com marlene Taylor

    She is precious. So full of energy.
    What a blessing. Thanks for sharing.
    Marlene Taylor

  • Janet Pursel & Melody Keister

    This is just too cute, too cute, too cute!
    What a blessing!
    Thank you so very much for sharing!

  • Freda

    She is so full of energy and so excited to be on stage. Yes, I think she’ll upstage her Grandpa Sheets, but it will be close!!