Faith of a Child

4.4.2010 — 3 Comments

Yesterday Ella told us that God told her that Easter eggs would fall from the sky or ceiling (the story changed based on who she was talking to). Jessica and I were instantly curious as to what in the world she could mean?! I inquired as to what God’s voice sounded like and sure-enough his voice was the exact same voice that she hears on her Hermie caterpillar movies when God speaks to Hermie. When she explained this to me she did so in such a way that made it sound like I should know that.

We had an Easter Egg hunt at church yesterday, but she continued to tell us that on Easter God was still going to drop eggs from the ceiling.

I stayed at church through the afternoon and Jess told me that Ella came home from church she was disheartened that eggs never fell from the ceiling while she was at church.

I came home soon after 4PM and we came up with the idea of hiding eggs around downstairs – hoping that an in-house Easter egg is what “God meant by dropping them from the ceiling”.

It was!

  • Aunt Judy

    Would you be MY Daddy?????

  • First Cousin Once or Twice Removed, Robin

    Whew! I wasn’t sure how God was going to pull that one off, but I’m glad the Holy Spirit helped you figure it out! :) She is absolutely adorable!

  • LeeAnn/Mom/Grandma Garrett

    I will never tire of hearing all about what God tells Ella. What a sweetheart she is. I love her imagination and all of her extroverted expressions!!!!!

    kisses to her and Ezie from grandma Lee Ann