Minute To Win It

3.11.2010 — 20 Comments

UPDATE: New post with downloadable resources is here. (updated on March 24, 2011)

There is a new show coming to NBC called, “Minute To Win It”, which by the look of things was thought up by a round-table full of youth pastors. The games are genius, and even though the show hasn’t yet aired, as a youth pastor I am already excited about it and have begun using it’s premise (and more) in our youth group!

Last night was our first opportunity to begin our “Minute To Win It” segment. I created an on-screen graphic, a 60-second countdown video, and even managed to play the REAL show’s intro/instruction videos on-screen, too!

We played three games, “Defying Gravity“, “Tipsy“, and “Hanky Panky“.

“Defying Gravity” was tough on our small stage. None of the students that tried could keep three balloons up off the ground for 60-seconds. We went down to 2 balloons and still no one could do it.

“Tipsy” was a blast, balancing three soda cans on their edge after ‘chugging’ part of each can’s contents proved to be challenging, but students that completed the task were handsomely rewarded.

“Hanky Panky” was a fun-to-watch game as well as participate in. Our problem was that I skimped on the tissue-brand and only had WalMart boxes of tissues. The WalMart tissues are only 110-count instead of the “standard” 160-count, so all three students who attempted the feat completed it with time-to-spare.

Some videos from our students participating in “Minute To Win It”:

  • http://www.heathmullikin.com Heath

    Brilliant stuff man! Even after 13 years in youth ministry I am still looking for great game ideas. I think the show is going to be a hit and then will be over done(like millionaire and deal or no deal). I see balloons, soda, and hanky’s in our future.

  • http://likeafire.net Paul

    Sweet! Great job! Looks like tons of fun.

  • http://www.CentralUMCyouth.org LeeAnn M


    Youth Minister here… we’ve been` doing these too at youth. But i didnt have a countdown, or graphics.

    Is there a way to download the blueprints??


  • Dan

    LeeAnn – I have to use a program called Replay Video Capture – it will allow you to record what you are watching on screen. There is probably an easier solution out there.


  • Kim

    I work for the state. We are doing some competitions at work. I would really like to use the 60 second count down but I can not get it to work. Can you please send it to me via email so that I can use it. I do not know what I am doing wrong but it will not open up of your site. Please help me.

  • http://frazerumc.org bryan


    You mentioned you used the instructional videos….where did you get those?

    We are doing 20 games Wednesday at our church!

  • Ray

    Hi can you please e-mail me the 60 second countdown video….. Link doesn’t seem to work…

    Thank you very much.. raymondcazalet@gmail.com

  • Jen

    Hi! We are having a youth night and I am a youth leader organizing it tomm night!

    can you please send me the 60 second video you created I WOULD LOVE IT!!!!!!!!



  • Jen

    Got it to work….. Right click the underlined 60-second video and click Save Target As

    It will work….

    Thanks for sharing this! The kids are going to love it!

  • Jonathan


    They have all the blueprints on NBC’s site now!

    Thanks for the countdown!

    How did you do it just ask students to volunteer to play each one?

  • KIM

    can you send me the countdown. The link doesn’t seem to work. Thanks,

  • Kurt Earnest

    Thanks For This is Perfect for Pastors Celebration

  • Minh Matthews


    I am trying to plan a Halloween party using the Minute to win it game wearing the costumes. The link seems not to work can you please email me the 60 second countdown video.

    THank you


  • sachin

    i intreseted in minute to win it please reply i have intrested and join the game please instruct me how can i entry there
    sachin bhatuse

  • Kim

    Hi! I found the Minute to Win It countdown clock on YouTube. Figured I would try out the demo version of Replay Video Capture with it. It only recorded half the screen. Is this because I was using the demo version? If you have time, I would appreciate it if you could email me the countdown clock.

  • Greg Huber

    Hi Steven,

    Like others, I would like to receive a version of the clock that I can use with youth programs. Is there a way that you can send it via email or download? Is this something that can be put into a PowerPoint presentation along with the Blue Prints?

    How did you do the Blue Prints?



  • shannon

    I would love your Minute to Win it countdown timer. I am trying to plan this for my sons Graduation party.
    Thanks so much!

    • http://www.stevansheets.com Stevan

      You should be able to download and find everything you need here, Shannon – http://www.stevansheets.com/?p=4252

      • Joey

        I tried to download from your site but it said the bandwidth has been exceeded. Is there another way I can get these files?

  • Doug La Vine

    Please send me your Minuite to win it clips to use for my backyard party this coming weekend.

    This is really great!