What are you DOING?

2.5.2010 — Leave a comment

I just got heart-wrecked by the Holy Spirit during an online-simulcast of the VERGE 2010 conference happening this weekend in Austin, TX. My sister happens to be there enjoying the conference live and in-person.

I caught Francis Chan’s message tonight on what it means to be “missional” and how DOING is much more important than thinking about doing, or talking about doing, or planning on doing.

One point he made is that when he tells his daughter to go clean her room she doesn’t go off to her room and come back with a statement of, “Dad, I heard what you said and I memorized it.” He even joked a bit saying that she wouldn’t come back to him and tell him that she could “even repeat it in the original Greek”…

The opening session of the conference finished with 2000 people at the church on their knees before a Holy God pouring out their hearts and asking Him to lead them to DO. I was 1500 miles away and I was pouring out my heart in the same manner in my own living room.

I know from Scripture that we will be judged on what we’ve done with what we know through the Gospel. Not on how well we’ve studied it, not on how well we have it memorized, but on how we applied it and LIVED it.

So.. Christian brothers and sisters, what are YOU doing with the Truth of the message of Jesus Christ?

If you want to catch the live-stream of the conference like I did tonight – they will be streaming the main sessions on their website here tomorrow and Saturday, too!

UPDATE: Found a great blog post from someone who took EXCELLENT notes during the session here. Seriously – even if you only skimmed my thoughts above, you MUST read this post!