Do you backup your computer’s data?

1.2.2010 — Leave a comment

I have a 160gb external hard drive that I try to backup my “important” stuff to every so-often. I’m not the best at remembering to update that hard drive with the latest files and information, but I do try.

Today I stumbled upon “Mozy” – an affordable solution to backing up data online. I am still testing out Mozy, but as of right now I’m not paying ANYTHING for it and I have 2gb of free storage.

Mozy allows you to choose folders/files on your computer’s hard drive that will automatically stay synched on their secure servers via an Internet connection. If you had a catastrophic hard drive failure, the data you backed up with Mozy would be available to restore from!

Mozy also gives its users another 1gb of storage for every two people they refer to their service that actually sign up and backup their data.

If you’re interested, go here –